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Rushlight is a Pacific Northwest agency that provides grounded, audience-focused, and immediately actionable solutions that work in the real world. We promote the exceptional products and services that make our region unique, while honoring the hardworking folks that make it all happen. Rushlight is your partner for success.
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Audience-relevant, concise, and on-brand - these are the basic building blocks of an effective website. At Rushlight, our discovery and ideation phase is designed to filter the creation of your web presence through these principles. We target what matters most to your audience, and then develop a clear message, design and creative from that foundation. The process guides Rushlight’s understanding, and delivers a site that is firmly rooted in your brand's story and goals. The end result: a tailored site that is squarely on-brand and audience-focused..
Relevant and timely information that meets your audience where they are is central to a comprehensive social media strategy. As your creative partner, Rushlight simplifies the process by creating a plan that clearly aligns your brand's goals and messaging with your audience's needs. We know that an authentic and targeted approach, utilizing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, will undeniably help your brand forge lasting connections with your audience.
Without the right message, emotional narrative, or persuasive content, video only adds to the white noise of generic marketing. At Rushlight, we will tell your story in an authentic way, and place it in the correct channel for maximum effect. Our clients benefit from the Rushlight team’s significant experience producing videos for established clients throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, including: broadcast television spots; targeted digital media ads; brand stories; social media; trainings; and B2B communications. Our integrated producer has created compelling content for the Northwest’s most recognized brands, including: Intel, the Trail Blazers, Dell Computers, and Moda Health to name (drop) a select few.
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Moda Health- 2024 Moda Assist Program
Moda: Guide TV Spot
Moda TV & Social
Values: TV & Social Spot
Dribbling: Event & Social
Empty Nesters: TV & Social
Nonprofit Event: Corey's Story
The Dog Aging Project
Bottle Drop Plus Animation
Restaurant of the Year: ORLA Event Video
Academics TV Spot
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Your brand is more than a logo, tagline or value statement. It’s the heart and identity of your organization, and the first promise you make to each customer. Your brand story is the expression of your unique voice. It’s the critical first impression that declares your “why” to the world. At Rushlight, we guide you in discovering and refining your story, and then we create the visuals, marks and language that will authentically represent your brand.
At Rushlight, our experienced public relations team focuses on strategic communications, media relations and community building. Our professionals understand that public relations is not just about elevating your brand in the press, but about crafting a compelling narrative and delivering it to the right audience, in the right outlets, at the right time. It's an art and a science, and we master both. We build authentic campaigns that blend traditional tactics with modern strategies to achieve each client’s unique goals.
Friends of Aurora Airport
Rushlight was hired to create a brand identity for the coalition, which became "Friends of Aurora Airport".
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